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FROM SAGGING TO SUCCESS: The Story of Emery Franklin 

The book by Florence M. Howard and Emery Franklin



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"A book for all ages" ~ Dr. Yvonne Osborne, PhD

Book Description

“From Sagging to Success” is a message to urban youth and the adults who want to help them become extraordinary. Young people are unfairly judged because of their appearance and cultural misperceptions.  They need to be made aware of the repercussions of sagging. Sagging pants even might be an indication of a sagging mindset or low self-esteem.  A fictionalized character in book illustrations, Derrick goes from sagging to success as he learns about Black history, reads books read and written by successful people and changes the way he thinks.  He shares his new knowledge with his parents who also embrace a positive outlook, productive behaviors and principles of success.  At the end of the book, Derrick and his parents have successfully transmitted principles of success to the next generation.  The book is beautifully illustrated and the paintings were created first as a library gallery exhibit.

The book educates readers our history and successes, illuminates concepts of success and inspires them to act on what they learn.  Readers are motivated to examine their thinking patterns, to recapture the dreams that they laid aside or never attempted and to accomplish them.  They gain the wisdom and tools to become successful and are equipped to share those ideas, concepts and actions with others. 

Written by Florence M. Howard, “From Sagging to Success: The Story of Emery Franklin” (www.saggingtosuccessbook.com) is a mixture of biography, history and storytelling based on the paintings from his Crossroads series.  The book contains 15, 8”x10” full-color prints of paintings by the artist. Readers, young and old, will be inspired to examine their attitudes and to follow the steps used by Emery in becoming successful.

Prints for many of these paintings can be found on Emery’s website at http://emery-franklin.artistwebsites.com.

Highlights in the book include Emery's original portrait of President Barack Obama plus bonus section on black inventors.  Visit www.saggingtosuccessbook.com for a look at sample paintings from the book.

 Library of Congress Control Number: 2012932249

ISBN-13: 978-0-6155-9772-0

ISBN-10: 0-6155-9772-6

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Enjoy the art of Emery Franklin from his "Crossroads: From Sagging to Success" art exhibit and learn the secret to his paintings and his success as told by Florence Howard and Emery himself.

It's a inspiring ad motivation story to help you achieve your life's success.

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